Wei of Chocolate

Wei of Chocolate offer up a range of organic, vegan, Rainforest Alliance-certified dark chocolate enhanced with flower remedies to balance body and mind.


Wei of Chocolate  

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Wei of Chocolate

Following 11 years in the Himalayas, living in monasteries and doing retreat in a cave, Lisa Reinhardt came back to her home in the States to share what she'd learned about meditation.

But an a-ha moment while savoring chocolate, changed everything...

The result of Lisa's incredible journey is our scrumptious windfall. Introducing Wei of Chocolate. Chocolate that is dairy free, soy free, gluten free and GMO free. Vegan, organic Rainforest Alliance certified dark chocolate to enjoy with wild abandon, one extraordinary piece at a time.

Now whatever your chocolate eating habits may have been in the past, put them aside. It's time to embrace a little eastern wisdom and introduce mindfulness into your chocolate eating ritual.

From their appearance (that's the symbol for Ahh atop your piece of Wei of Chocolate) to their organic ingredients, everything about Wei of Chocolate's selection has been designed with savoring in mind. So, take a moment, be open to the flavor and let your chocolate melt in your mouth.

Check out more about Lisa's chocolate eating philosophy at the Wei of Chocolate website.

And with flavors like Chai spice-, citrus-, lavender- or Himalayan pink salt-infused chocolate, why wouldn't you want to prolong the pleasure and savor the flavor. You'll be glad you did.

Wei of Chocolate places special flower remedies in every piece of vegan chocolate they produce. From Hong Kong Orchid to Night Blooming Cereus and Arctic Lupine, learn more about the meaning of the flowers Wei of Chocolate utilise and what what your choice says about you.

For chocolate lovers in Canada and the US, take the hassle out of arranging your vegan chocolate fix, with a monthly Wei of Chocolate subscription. Here's how it works. Select your favourite flavors, choose how often you'd like your selection delivered and you're away.

Wei of Chocolate will bundle up your selection in an eco-luxe paper box and before you know it, it won't be only pesky bills and payment reminders landing in your mail box.

You can change flavors, sizes, quantities and the delivery interval whenever you want. Heading on hols? No problem. Pause your subscription and take up where you left off on your return. So, credit card at the ready? Let's indulge!

You can keep up to date with Wei of Chocolate happenings over at their blog. Of course you can buy your Wei of Chocolates directly from their website but for those who'd like to experience the beauty of the Wei of Chocolate brand in the flesh, you can pay a visit to the retailers listed here.

If you have any vegan choccy questions, visit the Wei of Chocolate website, email Lisa at contact {@} weiofchocolate dot com, or give her a call on +1 602-753-3215. She'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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