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Veganagogo is a fun and easy way to communicate your vegan dietary requirements to anyone you meet on your travels — from restaurant staff and hotel receptionists to helpful locals and new-found friends.

Choosing Your Question and Selecting a Language

So, here we go. Upon opening Veganagogo you will soon be presented with the question screen displaying seven questions and statements available for translation. To avoid any confusion we'll simply refer to them as questions from here on out.

Select a question by tapping the empty circle corresponding to it.

The 7 questions (and statements) available for translation are outlined below. All of the translations are preceded by the following statement:

I am a vegan. I do not eat any meat, poultry, fish or seafood or any animal products including all dairy products, eggs and honey.

  1. Can you please show me which items on your menu contain no meat or animal products?
  2. Is the chef/cook able to make me a meal that contains no meat or animal products?
  3. Can you please mark on my map a restaurant that serves vegan food?
  4. Can you please mark on my map a pizzeria or Indian restaurant?
  5. Can you please write down the names of some local vegan dishes?
  6. That was a great meal.
  7. Thank you.

Choose a language to translate your question in to by tapping the flag icon in the bottom left hand corner of the question screen. This will activate the language screen.

Select a language by tapping the circle corresponding to it.

Once your language selection has been made, close the language screen by clicking the circled x icon in the top right hand corner.

Now that your question and translation language have both been selected, you can display your translation by tapping the translate icon in the bottom right hand corner of the question screen.

Question and Language Screens

Veganagogo Question Screen
Veganagogo Language Screen

At this point you'll find the screen of your device will automatically rotate to the horizontal position, making it easy for you to display the translation screen text to your eagerly awaiting waiter, cook, concierge or helpful local.

On the top left of that same translation screen, you'll find a day and night icon. Tapping the icon will switch the current display from dark text on a light background to light text on a dark background and back again. Feel free to experiment as to which option displays best in your current lighting environment.

Translation Screen - Day Mode

Veganagogo Light Translation Screen

Translation Screen - Night Mode

Veganagogo Dark Translation Screen

Centred at the top of the translation screen are a series of animating icons, that visually back up your selected translated text message. Tapping any of these icons displays a larger version of that particular icon. You have the ability to then browse through these larger images by swiping your screen both left and right. Good for ensuring that fish is indeed meat and cheese is still an animal product and not an ingredient you want included in your meal.

Any day and night mode settings implemented on the translation screen will follow through to the icon screen.

Icon Screen - Day Mode

Veganagogo Light Translation Screen

Icon Screen - Night Mode

Veganagogo Dark Translation Screen

Tapping the circled x icon in the top right hand corner of the icon screen will return you to the translation screen.

Tapping the circled x icon in the top right hand corner of the translation screen will return you to the question screen.

Questions and Statements

A lot of thought and plenty of research — on the back of a couple of decades of some pretty extensive travelling — has gone into the development of Veganagogo and in particular, the questions and statements we've chosen for translation.

Unfortunately with a limited scope and budget (it costs literally thousands of euros to put together even a simple app like this) we haven't been able to cover every vegan related question you'd be able to dream up, but hopefully we've got a good cross-section covered.

We sincerely hope that your travel trails are littered with five-star vegan dining experiences and while things are definitely on the improve in general for the vegan traveller, there are still many countries where vegan food remains an almost foreign concept.

We realise pizzerias and Indian restaurants are far from the only sources of good vegan food available on the road but time and time again we're drawn to these vegan staples, especially when our choices are limited. It's for that reason they get their very own question.


Keep in mind the flags for supported languages on the language screen relate to the countries they most closely represent, not necessarily the destination you are visiting. For example, Spanish is spoken in Mexico but the flag used to represent the Spanish language is the Spanish flag.


Why not spice up your Veganagogo experience to match the flavour of your destination with one of the many preset colour themes we offer. Simply tap the settings icon in the top right hand corner of the question screen to bring up the settings screen, then select a colour theme by swiping through the 22 on offer. Voila, you'll find your background gradient instantly updates.

On the same screen there's a little more information about Agogo Eats, or other apps and ways to get in contact, visit our website or follow us on social media.

Settings Screen

Veganagogo Dark Translation Screen

So, all that's left to say is bon voyage et bon appétit.

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