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Mr Nice Pie  

Vegan Flourish Turnip Mr Nice Pie on Vegan Flourish
Mr Nice Pie

Mr Nice Pie positively lives to provide you, good sirs, with nutrition, indulgence and good form in the shape of unrivalled hand-made vegan pies. Available from a number of dispatchers, fairs and markets in Wales and beyond. Check in on their website for more details or to place an order online.

Mr Nice Pie

Pie-eyed Kitchen  

Vegan Flourish Turnip Pie-eyed Kitchen on Vegan Flourish
Pie-eyed Kitchen

Pie-eyed Kitchen is the home of the original Vork Pie. Handmade vegetarian and vegan pies, that can be eaten hot or cold. UK based, they regularly attend West Bridgford and Beeston Farmers Markets and the Vegan market in Sneinton.

Pie-eyed Kitchen

Young Vegans  

Vegan Flourish Turnip Young Vegans on Vegan Flourish
Young Vegans

Operating out of Camden Market, Young Vegans put a delicious vegan twist on the traditional British pie. Try their mouth-watering vegan steak and ale or the scrumptious vegan all day breakfast pie or if you can't make it to Camden, order online in the UK from their website.

Camden Market,
60 Camden Lock Pl,
Camden Town,
London NW1 8AF
United Kingdom
Young Vegans

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