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Take the hassle out of preparing or even procuring healthy, meat-free meals with these vegan meal delivery services that deliver delicious to your door.

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Gló Foods  

Vegan Flourish Turnip Gló Foods on Vegan Flourish
Gló Foods

Gló Foods make vegan food choices easier. They deliver 100% plant-based groceries and tasty meal packages to your UK door.

Gló Foods

Vibrant Vegan Co.  

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Vibrant Vegan Co.

In the UK? The Vibrant Vegan Company delivers delicious, nutritionally balanced vegan meals to your door. With dishes like smoky jackfruit chilli with skin-on sweet potato wedges or teriyaki gyoza with rice noodles tossed in sesame oil there's a very real chance you'll never have to cook again.

Vibrant Vegan Co.

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