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Girls and Boys  

Vegan Flourish Turnip Girls and Boys on Vegan Flourish
Girls and Boys

Based in the hip and happening inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, Girls and Boys is a take away vegan ice cream and dessert bar dedicated to indulgent and healthy plant based treats and sweets.

382a Brunswick Street,
VIC 3065
Girls and Boys


Vegan Flourish Turnip Yorica! on Vegan Flourish

The big idea behind Yorica! is beautifully simple. Their fun loving ice creams, soft serve, shakes, crepes and waffles are free from all 14 major allergens, are all without an animal product in sight, and are lovingly created with mother earth's finest ingredients. Selected flavours now available through Ocado in the UK.

130, Wardour Street
United Kingdom

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