VeganEssentials is an online store based out of Waukesha, Wisconsin. They have been operating since early 1997, and are currently the longest-operating cruelty-free retailer in the US. They're vegan owned and operated and specialise in offering only the highest quality animal-free and cruelty-free products.



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Based out of their office and warehouse in Waukesha, Wisconsin, has been serving the online vegan shopping community with dedication and distinction since 1997. They're the US's longest-operating cruelty-free retailer. They've also been voted VegNews' best online vegan store from 2005 through 2017. They're some impressive vegan credentials.

With a business philosophy completely in concert with their collective cruelty-free lifestyle choices, is vegan owned and operated and specialise in offering only the highest quality animal-free and cruelty-free products.

So unlike shopping with some of their larger competitors, buying online from keeps your hard-earned in the vegan community and funds expansion of the vegan range they offer. And what a range it is...

With over 1,500 lines on their warehouse shelves, covers the whole gamut of vegan products. From food, snacks, and beverages to personal care and beauty items through to vitamins and therapeutics and clothing, you can shop safe in the knowledge that all items listed are 100% vegan and cruelty free. If it's not vegan-friendly, they won't offer it, period - that's their guarantee.

So, no more running the magnifying glass over ingredient lists on the items at your local supermarket, scrutinising for hidden animal ingredients. At they're just not there. has done the hard work for you, so you can sit back and shop with confidence. stock the vegan brands you know and love. Their website is broken down into easy-to-navigate sub-categories — think Cookies, Brownies, Cakes and Donuts, Pantry Essentials and Meat Alternatives — and if you're seeking a vegan product in particular, their search facility works a treat.

Each of the items sells are stocked on location, so turnaround from order to delivery is super quick. Their small team is fast and efficient and dedicated to having your order on its way just as soon as possible. And without the size of some of their more mainstream competitors, is laser-focussed on their customers needs and happy to answer your questions with minimal fuss. Shoot through an email to info {@} veganessentials dot com, or give them a toll-free call on 1-866-88-VEGAN.

So if you're looking for unparalleled service and and a wonderful selection of vegan products all in the one online location, drop on in and join a growing number of happy customers worldwide.

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