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Get more bang for your vegan advertising dollar with a Vegan Flourish listing for as little as € per month.


Online Vegan Advertising

Looking for a little online vegan advertising for your meat-free brand, product or service?

Vegan Flourish offers incredible value for money for your online vegan advertising spend with monthly promotion packages starting at just €4 for a simple listing in our online vegan directory.

Each Vegan Flourish simple listing comprises a short, sharp synopsis of your vegan brand, product or service, along with your logo, a Google-approved link through to your website and your social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest). Your simple listing will appear within at least two (but up to four) categories of the Vegan Flourish directory.

There's more than 150 examples of simple listings over on our Vegan Food Brands category page.

For those looking to ramp up their vegan advertising efforts, Vegan Flourish also offers a featured listing option. As a featured lister you receive your very own page, professionally compiled by one of the Vegan Flourish team, featuring a detailed brand, product or service write-up, your logo and social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest), along with the option of displaying inline Youtube or Vimeo content to further promote your vegan brand.

With a featured listing you also receive a shorter listing atop and within up to four categories within the Vegan Flourish directory as well as on a dedicated page over at our sister site, Agogo Eats. Google-approved links to your website will appear in the sidebar of the desktop and laptop versions of almost every page on Vegan Flourish (including all category pages and the home page). And from time to time, we'll also shoot out a tweet or retweet about your vegan brand to our 5,000+ Twitter followers.

Check out the featured listing page for BeingSattvaa here.

Interested in a simple or featured Vegan Flourish listing for your vegan brand? Let's get started.

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