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ethical WARES is an ethically-based mail order company that ships worldwide. Run by vegans, ethical WEARS has been specialising in cruelty-free footwear and lifestyle products for more than 25 years.


ethical WARES  

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ethical WARES

Denise, Mike and Bryn — along with a self-professed motley crew of goats, sheep, pigs, horses, cats, dogs, rabbits and Aunt Dotty the cow — operate ethical WARES out of Caegwyn, their property in rural Wales.

Since taking over the reins of ethical WARES way back in 1993, Denise and Mike have witnessed profound changes in the vegan footwear market. They remember a time when the two styles of vegan shoe on offer were imaginatively coined, the green boot and the black boot. But, oh how things have changed.

A quarter of a century on and the vegan shoe market has blossomed into a cornucopia of choice for the modern compassionate consumer.

At the forefront of the revolution, ethical WARES today stocks more than 500 vegan, ethical and cruelty-free products. From an extensive range of mens and womens sneakers, slippers, shoes and boots, through to safety footwear, dance shoes, punk and gothic footwear, creepers and clogs. It's all there and it's PETA approved.

Where possible ethical WARES does its darnedest to support the UK footwear industry. And not only are all their products vegan but they've had their worker friendly credentials verified to boot (pun intended).

As well as the finest collection of vegan shoes on the online market, ethical WARES also stocks a range of clothing and accessories. Think vegan belts, socks, t-shirts, hoodies, trousers, even jewellery, toiletries, toys, photo-frames, fabric, incense and music. It's a great place to do a little online browsing for the perfect vegan gift. Oh, and they deliver worldwide too.

The gang at ethical Wares believe that the struggle for a better deal for animals cannot be separated from that same struggle for human rights. To that end, many of their accessories are covered by Fair Trade criteria. They are also proud to be supporting the Tibetan refugee community by offering Tibetan incense, handicrafts and music in their Tibet Shop.

Buying for a special person in your life, but not sure if you've got the fashion sense to pull off the perfect purchase? Pick up an ethical WARES gift voucher and cover all your bases.

To keep up to date with happenings at ethical WARES be sure to bookmark their blog and call in often, or better still, sign up for their newsletter and get updates straight to your inbox.

If you have questions regarding vegan footwear you'd have to walk a long way to find a more qualified team than Denise and Mike. Feel free to give them a call on +44 (0) 1570 471155 or drop them a message and let ethical WARES take care of all of your vegan footwear needs, wherever you live.

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