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Vegan Flourish Disclaimer

While we aim to provide a little information on companies and brands that are wholly cruelty-free and vegan in practice, occasionally we may miss the mark. If and when that happens, we apologise.

Vegan Flourish is in no way associated with any of the companies or brands represented on our website (with the exception of Agogo Eats — those wonderful vegetarian and vegan travel translation apps).

We can take no responsibility for the dealings our visitors have with any companies or brands referred to on Vegan Flourish, and by using the Vegan Flourish website your are acknowledging this fact.

Vegan Flourish receives a small monthly fee from each of our featured listings (they're the ones highlighted at the top of each page), income from advertisements we run in conjunction with Google Adsense and a small percentage from product sales originating from Vegan Flourish via Amazon.

If you require any further information on Vegan Flourish or Agogo Eats, please get in touch.

Smile, it may never happen :-).

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