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About the prettiest dang vegan directory doing the rounds.


About Vegan Flourish

Vegan Flourish is the particularly pretty vegan directory off-shoot of Agogo Eats. It got a little too big for it's vegan boots and needed a home all of its own. So...here we are.

As a visitor you can check out hundreds of vegan businesses neatly categorised and maybe uncover a vegan product or service you hadn't yet come across. That's our aim, to spread the good vegan word and — full disclosure — to try and recoup some of the ridiculous coin it costs to keep a couple of apps current on the app store, websites up and operational, blah, blah, blah, blah! You get the idea.

As a potential lister, for an incredibly miniscule monthly sum (as little as €4 per month), your vegan business (big or small) can get its very own listing on Vegan Flourish and have us sing your vegan message to the world. Interested? Pop on over here, fill out a simple form and you're away. We'll have you up and online before you can say, Jag är vegan (that's Swedish for, I'm a Vegan.)

Mary had a little lamb Vegan T-ShirtSo, Agogo Eatsour big sister — began life producing iPhone translation apps for vegan and vegetarian travellers back in 2014. Our two apps — Veganagogo and Veggoagogo — have been helping the modern meat-free traveller to successfully order vegan and vegetarian on the road ever since.

They're simple but incredibly effective little apps, that professionally translate seven succinct, incredibly well-thought-out questions and statements into 48 languages.

Without going into too much more detail (there's plenty of that over at Agogo Eats), there's a few screenshots of Veganagogo below. You'll get the drift.

Oh, and we produce a range of way cool vegan message tees too (like our Mary Had a Little Lamb tee above), that we sell via Amazon.

So, Veganagogo, our vegan travel translation app — here's a little visual taster of what's under the hood.

Select a Statement and Choose a Language

Veganagogo Splash Screen
Veganagogo Question Screen
Veganagogo Language Screen

Then Flash Your Translation in Day or Night Modes

Veganagogo Light Translation Screen
Veganagogo Dark Translation Screen

Reinforce Your Vegan Message With Swippable Icons

Veganagogo Light Icon Swipe Screen
Veganagogo Dark Icon Swipe Screen

Pretty simple huh.

Veggoagogo on the App Store

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